Norway national football team is the only team that never lost against Brazil

Norway national football team

Norway national football team remains the only national football team that never lost a match against Brazil. Moreover, Norway has won two matches against Brazil. The complete football match record of Norway vs Brazil:

  • Norway 1-1 Brazil (1988, friendly)
  • Norway 4-2 Brazil (1997, friendly)
  • Brazil 1-2 Norway (1998, World Cup; Brazil reached the final in this tournament)
  • Norway 1-1 Brazil (2006, friendly)

The match record against Argentina is looking good as well. Argentina is considered one of the best soccer teams in the world. And yet, Norway has beaten Argentina in both matches the national teams ever played against one another.

  • Norway 1-0 Argentina (1986, friendly)
  • Norway 2-1 Argentina (2007, friendly)

Norway is the only team in the world than not only has never lost against Argentina or Brazil, but has won matches against them.

Did you know that it’s seemingly impossible to win the FIFA World Cup with a foreign-born coach? As of 2021, it never happened.

Fact source:
All-time national team record (1908-2019)

Top image: Norway national football team in 2012 (Photo credit: John Christian Fjellestad / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

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  1. And yet, Brazil lost 7-1 against Germany. Remember?


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