Steven Spielberg prenuptial agreement written on a napkin cost him $100 million

Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg (photo in public domain / U.S. Army)

Steven Spielberg dated aspiring actress Amy Irving from 1976 to 1980. After a break of few years, the couple reunited in 1985 and decided to get married. To avoid financial issues later, they wisely wrote a prenup (prenuptial agreement). The problem was, they just scrawled it on a cocktail napkin.

Expensive divorce, napkin issue

When Spielberg and Irving divorced in 1989, the judge vacated the prenuptial agreement written on a napkin, and determined that under California law she is entitled to half of Spielberg’s earnings during their four years of marriage. Amy Irving received a hefty $100 million divorce settlement, and Steven Spielberg probably learned something new about official documents and proper ways to compose them.

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