Spanish word for “wives” and “handcuffs” is the same

Handcuffed prisoner

The word “esposas” in Spanish language has two meanings: one is the plural from “wife” (Spanish: esposa), another is “handcuffs”. Is it a joke? No, etymology of both words is the same. “Spondere” in Latin means “to bind”. And that’s what marriage is about: binding two people together. That is also what handcuffs do. They bind two hands together.

Top photo: Handcuffed prisoner (Photo credit: Rainerzufall1234 / CC BY-SA 4.0)

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  1. The “marriage is a prison” type of jokes may have been funny once, but they are not. Probably since 1980s. Wake up.


    1. Having a sense of humour is healthy. Wake up.


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